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Easy genuine link building, for websites in need of a link building boost

Get Power Backlinks

Get Power Backlinks

Get free genuine backlinks from 2M+ great website articles. No outbound links (exchange) for VIP's and reselling backlinks to clients is possible.

Full-Blown Service

Full-Blown Service

You don't need to write a lot of articles yourself. Everything is done for you, and links are created from articles as much as possible.

Detailed Statistics

Detailed Statistics

Watch live all links beeing created for your website. New links are created every single day pointing to your website.

What are the VIP benefits?

By upgrading to VIP, you can enjoy these benefits which makes your SEO really take off:

No outbound links (No exchange).
Unlimited backlinks (Depends on subscription size).
Add unlimited of yours and your clients websites.
Control amount of backlinks per website on a daily basis.
Feel free to resell backlinks to your clients.
Works for non-WordPress websites too.

Strong contextual links

With Martins free and easy link building, you get easy links to your website from thousands of great websites from all over the world as a full outsourced free and easy backlink link building service.

Backlinks are created using keywords in articles that is made clickable (contextual links), based on your best keywords automatically scanned from your website and its subpages. If there is no exact match for a keyword in a given article, instead a custom contextual link is created below the footer.

Website matching

Your website is keyword matched with other websites as much as possible, to make your easy backlinks as relevant as possible.

How does it work?

Links to both the home page and a selection of subpages in your website, gets into a pool with other links which rotates daily in 2M+ articles from thousands of unique websites, having unique owners, IP's and locations. But due to search engines not reading all pages every day, many of your links lives for a long time, seen from an SEO perspective. This strongly helps your domain rating increase.

Detailed statistics

You get live detailed statistics for free showing exactly which links are created for your website, and links to external tools to verify the effect of the linkbuilding beeing done for you. You will be able to watch how your domain rating increases, which is an important step to push your website into the top results of the search engines.

Free demo account

Go ahead and try out the free version by installing the WordPress plugin. You will receive your first backlinks usually within a few minutes. It's free forever, but if you feel you want to go all in when you have seen how effective it is, just go upgrading to VIP.


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